Columnar Cacti: Saguaros and such


Large saguaro

Saguaros and Arizona go together like bread and butter. They are the largest cacti in the United States, and iconic plants of the Sonoran desert. Many homeowners would like a token saguaro in their landscape. I would challenge you to take the next step and surround your saguaro(s) with other native Sonoran desert plants so that it looks at home.

Saguaro family

Saguaros dot a hillside in the Sonoran desert.

One unique thing about cacti (including saguaros) is they continue to absorb water no matter how full they already are. Overwatering and a very wet period can cause a saguaro to develop horizontal cracks and permanent damage.

Saguaros in the wild tend to concentrate on south facing slopes. Plant a saguaro in a sunny area in your yard that doesn’t contain standing water during rain storms.

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