Burned saguaro

Will my saguaro survive being burned by fire?

Small saguaro


DH went out to burn weeds this morning and wasn’t careful. He says the saguaro got a tiny flame and went up in a poof of smoke. What was a healthy plant yesterday now has burned spines and has shrunken so that the ribs are sticking out. I don’t know if my saguaro will survive being burned. Right now I don’t think it will, but I will update this post when I find out.

Burned saguaro


This morning I took another photo. There is some green… is it enough for the plant to survive?

Burned saguaro

2 days later

OK. Realistically, I’ll probably replace this cactus in the fall.


6 months later…

Burned saguaro

6 months later

I haven’t replaced it yet. It’s still alive but there is horizontal cracking along the ribs where it has expanded. I think I won’t throw it away. In the spring I may replant it in a less noticeable spot and see if it continues to recover. Poor saguaro!

3 thoughts on “Will my saguaro survive being burned by fire?

  1. The same exact thing happened to my cactus when I was clearing weeds. Mine is bigger, about 12 feet tall, but no arms yet. the outer skin turned yellow and now has a horizontal crack or split. I have been heartbroken that I may have killed my cactus. I have tried to find information whether or not the saguaro will survive or not, but have been able to find any articles on the topic. Does anyone have any expertise on this?

    1. I don’t have any expertise besides my own experience. But my saguaro is still alive, with scarring. The new growth above the fire damage is normal.

  2. Cactus can survive most things but mold, rot and some diseases (which are quite few in the saguaro). Good luck!

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