Dormant for the summer–summer break!


Most of the United States enjoys the growing season during the summer months. Unlike the rest of the country, plants in Arizona survive the heat by going dormant during the hottest part of summer. This means you can take a break from landscaping and just enjoy the yard. It’s nice to not have to do yard work when the temperature is over 100 degrees.

Watch your plants for signs of stress indicating they aren’t getting enough water. When prickly pear pads start to wrinkle or leaves start to die, your plant may need a drink. Keep in mind that some plants like ocotillo and palo verde lose their leaves as part of dormancy and are not dying.

Ocotillo dormant

Ocotillo losing leaves

Palo verde in June

Palo Verde in June

Desert marigold dormant

dormant desert marigold

After kicking back for the summer, you’ll enjoy getting back to work in the fall.

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