Fall landscape chores



With the weather back in the beautiful range, I’ve spent a lot more time in the yard lately. I pruned my desert trees (mesquite, palo verde, ironwood)–since it is better to prune during the warm season than in spring. I sprayed the cochineal scale off my prickly pears and pruned a few pads. I have been setting out some of the small cacti that I bought and repotted in the spring to let them get more direct sun. Hopefully I can plant them this fall.

Baby desert trees

Top row from left: texas sage, mesquite, palo verde. Bottom cluster of three are creosote.

The late monsoon caused a lot of baby trees to sprout in my yard; both mesquite and palo verde. I tried potting some of them along with some seedling creosote. My survival rate is low. The baby trees that are the smallest dry out easily in pots and die. The larger specimens are hard to dig up because they already have long roots. Creosote bushes transplanted into pots easily die from over-watering. My best success with creosote was with two small seedling bushes that I transplanted to another spot in the yard. I was able to scoop their entire root system up with the shovel and after they were transplanted it was overcast for a few days.

During the summer I helped a friend make a landscape plan for her front yard. It included a circular drive, mesquite trees, lots of bushes, and cacti. Her husband has already started adding some hills to their landscape in preparation for planting. I’ll try to get some photos to share.

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