Just plant it!


The weather has been so beautiful…

I had over fourteen plants sitting around in pots. In general, winter is a great time to plant because of the mild temperatures (as long as there is not a freeze right away!) Some of these plants had been at my house for almost a year.

It was time to put them in the ground.

I planted five baby barrel cacti (about four inches in diameter) that I had been hoping would grow better root systems by staying indoors an extra season. I planted three volunteer texas sage and two seedling palo verdes that I potted last fall. I planted a santa rita prickly pear that I grew from a cutting. I planted a small cardon (12 inches tall) that I had been holding on to while deciding where I wanted to put it. I chopped two pieces off my largest deer grass and replanted them.

I’ve been watering the deer grass every other day and the texas sage about twice a week. The rest I’m watering every 1-2 weeks. We’ll see what makes it. The baby barrels have been sunburned before when on my porch, so I hope they’re big enough to acclimate to the yard.

Have you been doing any landscaping this month?

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