Fall landscape chores


I’ve caught up on my pruning and done some weeding. One downside of having a native wildflower garden is that I have to weed it by hand. Sprays would kill the plants I am trying to keep. That garden tends to look more overgrown and natural, which I like. If I wanted it to look great for an event, I would clean it up and add some annuals and potted plants. Some day I’d like to add an archway or trellis.

One chore I had was to rebuild the basins around my cacti. The summer rains washed them away and then when I water the water won’t stay around the plant. Some of the newer cacti grew less because they didn’t have adequate basins.

Plant basins

Plant basins

A pair of cactus wrens built a nest in one of my cholla. First they practised in one cholla, making quite a mess of pine needles, dead grass, and stuff. I assume they’re new to this nest business. The second nest they made was quite pretty–round with a round entrance. I’ve tried to leave them alone so that if they lay eggs they will feel secure, although previous nest attempts in my cholla haven’t been successful. I think a predator was able to reach since the cholla aren’t very tall.

Cactus wren nest

Cactus wren nest

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