Landscape a peaceful spot

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My landscape is always a work in progress. I joke that I don’t need patio furniture until that future day when I have some time to sit down. But lately I’ve been thinking more about creating spaces that draw me and make me want to sit and enjoy the peaceful feeling nature brings.

All of us need daily meditation for our spiritual well-being. It can be really hard to remain somewhere for more than 15 minutes, but I feel like nature is a perfect place for self evaluation, fresh air, and spirituality. My ideal peaceful spot has lush plants, a comfortable seat, sun and shade, and wildlife to watch. This year, I plan to spend more time in my spot and find ways to improve it.

A peaceful spot begs to be a little more private and secluded than the rest of the yard. I liked these ideas for adding privacy to any yard from Listotic.

I updated their post with pictures I found.

13 Attractive Ways To Create Privacy In Your Yard

1. Tiered Hanging Pots or Vines

Using plants to create walls serves both functions: gardening and privacy.


trailing vines create privacy. Source pinterest.


Creeping fig ivy

2. Outdoor Privacy Screens

A screen helps define a space and can create the structure of the garden.


Wattle fencing from apartment therapy

3. Outdoor Privacy Curtains

I loved this DIY idea for beautifying an outdoor room.


source centsational girl

4. Bamboo Screening

This option probably isn’t good for Arizona.


source bamboo garden

5. Make A Garden Wall or Wall Garden

A vertical garden is more labor intensive but serves the same dual function of plants and privacy in one space.


source dirt simple

6. Lattice Panels

These help define a space while allowing some light through. Vines can also be grown across the lattice.



7. Walls Of Plants

More vertical gardening ideas. For a space to feel secluded you may want to keep it small and balance light and shade.



8. Tall Garden Pots

If your porch is your peaceful spot, potted plants make a great barrier. Consider giant hesperaloe or Spanish dagger to create a look like this.


source HGTV

9. Hedge Walls

I’ve seen hedge walls of Italian cypress grown close together. The trees can be topped when the desired height is reached.


source flickr

10. Repurposed Doors

This idea gives a more shabby chic look.


source Desire to Inspire

11. Add Height To Fences

These bottles were made into a separate fence, but I like the idea of adding some art atop a fence to add height. You could also line potted cacti along a fence.



12. Faux Ivy

This may be an option if you don’t want to worry about watering, trimming, or maintaining an area.


faux ivy for covering wrought iron fencing

13. Sound Barrier

If you live near a busy street, your peaceful spot may need some white noise to help create the right mood. A water feature could serve this function.


source pinterest