Rose varieties for Arizona

Plant selection

Now is the time of year to plant or prune roses. Although roses are not native to the southwest, they can survive the heat. They are also an all-time favorite plant.


Peace rose

If you would like to include roses in your landscape, they will need a more frequent watering schedule than native plants. If you have an irrigation line already on a more frequent schedule, that may determine where you put a rose. Also consider planting it in the shade and on an eastern or northern exposure.

HGTV posted an article about growing roses in the southwest here.

University of Arizona also published an easy to read introduction to roses here. They include a list of favorite varieties for the southwest. If you’re shopping for a rose, consider these:


Mr. Lincoln rose

  • Mr. Lincoln – a deep red tea rose with fragrant blossoms
  • Saint Patrick – a yellow tea rose with a hint of chartreuse
  • Marilyn Monroe – a pale apricot shrub rose
  • Julia Child – a butter yellow floribunda
  • Peace – a classic tea with creamy center and pink edges
  • Fragrant Cloud – a coral orange tea
  • Double Delight – a dark pink and white multicolored tea
  • Rainbow Knock Out – a pink shrub rose
  • Sally Holmes – salmon to white climbing rose
  • Gemini – cream and pink multicolored tea rose with well-shaped blossoms